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Acclaimed by Firearm Experts

“The most responsible action a gun owner can take is ensuring their firearms are secure.  The best way to do that, utilizing a mobile locking device, is with the SafeGunLock.”

Julie Pierson

Director United States Secret Service (ret.)

"I am proud that Syndicate Armory was selected to be a seller of SafeGunLock.  It is not often that I come across the creative innovation that is designed into SafeGunLock.  I look forward to helping many of my customers use this lock to protect their firearm from unauthorized users."

George Goodman

Owner, Syndicate Armory, Sedalia, MO

“The lock itself is made of quality, robust materials that can sure take a beating. The SafeGunLock’s visual size is definitely noticeable to ward off potential bad guys, yet it is a low profile, space saving design allowing you to store your firearm in smaller, tighter spaces than one could a lock box….. The SafeGunLock is a wonderful product to deter and prevent those with bad intentions.”

Geoff Reeves

Navy Seal LT. (ret.)

“This is the only gun lock in existence that is intensely secure, comprehensively prevents the function of the firearm and does not damage the firearm’s extractor, ejector, firing pin, breachor crown while allowing for the quick removal of the lock and functioning of the firearm once removed. While many gun locks can prevent the functioning of the firearm it is attached to, many often damage the firearm and ALL are easily defeated. Utilizing a camlock system to secure and remove the gun lock to and from the firearm ensures that it can easily and quickly be removed by the person who possesses the combination.

The genius of the lock’s design allows for a loaded magazine to remain in the magazine well of the firearm without any way of the firearm being able to function and the cam lock to be quickly removed in complete darkness. Without hesitation this is the only lock that should be used to secure a handgun from a child, mentally unstable adult and someone with suicidal tendencies.”

Scot Thomasson

Chief Firearms Operations ATF (ret.), Now Advisor to SafeGunLock

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A photograph of SafeGunLock


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