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The most secure portable gun lock in the world

Finally, a gun lock that is solid metal tough, can travel with your firearm and is quick to release in an emergency. And you don't need to worry about electronics and charging batteries or finding your key.

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SafeGunLock protects your firearm from unauthorized use & maximizes your protection

This patented design allows rapid release to unlock in seconds. The lock fits safely and securely in the barrel and passes into the chamber to prevent accidental use and is unlocked with an easy to use combination to be ready when needed.

SafeGunLock is designed and engineered in the United States with solid steel components providing a high level of security.

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Why Secure Your Firearm

A handgun locked with SafeGunLock placed on a nightstand

Protect your Family

Protect against unauthorized access

A handgun with SafeGunLock inside the dash of a car

Protect your Firearms

Protect against theft

A man holding a handgun with SafeGunLock

Protect your Freedom

Protect your firearms to protect your rights

Additional Information

Caliber: 9 mm and similar size barrel, 40 cal
Weight: Approximately 2 pounds
Materials: Stainless steel, brass and decorative plastic
Barrel Length: Standard 4.5 inches, short 3.9 inches, extra short 3.3 inches. Spacers available to up to .6 inches shorter than the product size
Warranty: 1 year (see warranty for details) 

The secure, easy-release firearm lock

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$158.99 with Free Shipping

Protect yourself, your family and your firearm with this heavy duty, quick release and portable SafeGunLock.

Eligible for return, refund or replacement within 90 days of purchase

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