SafeGunLock inserted into handgun next to pile of bullets

Important Owner’s Information

Please review the SafeGunLock how to use videos before initial use.

Please read this material carefully.  If you have any questions about the use of SafeGunLock or its limitations described in this material, please contact us at


  • Before installing SafeGunLock make sure the gun is not loaded and the safety is on.
  • Keep your finger off of the trigger.
  • Point the gun in a safe direction.

Important Safety Issues to Note: 

The developers of SafeGunLock have endeavored to create a durable, quick, personal and mobile firearm locking device that is available to gun owners at an affordable price.  Despite our best efforts, it might be possible for a determined person with available time and equipment to defeat the lock.  Please plan to use it accordingly.  The creators of SafeGunLock believe that the existence of this lock on a gun will be a strong deterrent to the theft of that gun.  However, the gun, with the lock in it, could still be stolen by a gun thief.

Guns come in many sizes and styles.  SafeGunLock designers have tested the device in many firearms.  SafeGunLocks are made to fit the caliber and barrel length of your gun.  When you first insert the lock and engage the locking mechanism, if the lock does not fit well in your firearm, please contact us immediately and we will arrange an exchange or a refund.

SafeGunLock engages and releases through a specific combination that is set through the tabs on the lock.  The device comes with a scratch off card revealing the combination for your lock, which was set at the assembly facility.  You choose when to reveal the combination code that is included in the SafeGunLock package.  Treat this combination as completely private and only available to people you want to be able to release the lock.  Store the combination in a location that is completely unavailable to others, whether in physical or digital format.  Exercise caution when you lock and unlock the device with the knowledge that a child or others can observe the location of the tabs when they are in the unlock setting.  After you lock and unlock the device, make sure you move the tabs away from the unlock setting.

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Protect your firearm with a heavy duty portable lock fitted for your handgun.  Your product comes with brief instructions, a scratch off card that reveals the coded position of the unlocking tabs and eight spacers you can use if needed to obtain a perfect fit between your gun and your lock.

Eligible for return, refund or replacement within 90 days of purchase

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