Rapid Release unlocks in seconds

Secure your firearm without compromising your protection

SafeGunLock fits safely and securely in the chamber. This patented technology is 100% mechanical and doesn’t use any electronics or require a key.

Holding SafeGunLock to enter code

1. Enter Code

Turning lock dials to unlock SafeGunLock

2. Push & Turn

Inserting SafeGunLock into handgun

3. Release

Firearm ready

4. Firearm Ready

Secure Your Handgun

Quick Release

Order now and be protected

A photograph of SafeGunLock


$158.99 with Free Shipping

Protect yourself, your family and your firearm with this heavy duty, quick release and portable SafeGunLock.

Eligible for return, refund or replacement within 90 days of purchase

Group sales: We offer discounts and customized combinations for group sales. Please contact us for details.