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Frequently Asked Questions


What makes SafeGunLock so special?

We believe the combination of these characteristics make SafeGunLock unique:

  • Secure—Blocks unauthorized users while most firearm locks are easy to defeat

  • Quick—Takes seconds to open

  • Personal—Can only be opened by someone with knowledge of the code

  • Convenient—Lever positions can easily be felt, even in the dark

  • Mobile—Weighs under two pounds so easily travels with your firearm

  • Mechanical—Eliminates worries that an electronic lock might not release in an emergency

Plus, SafeGunLock is the product of years of engineering and design work. Our team has received two patents for the lock.

Why should I spend $158.99 on this lock when I can get a gun lock for under $10?

A gun lock should be a strong deterrent to an unauthorized person using your gun, whether that unauthorized person is a thief, a child in the home or a family member who is suffering from a momentary suicidal wish.

SafeGunLock costs more because it contains a lot of heavy duty steel and sophisticated engineering and manufacturing. We are confident the price reflects the high quality of the device and most importantly, has a strong likelihood of serving its purpose of keeping your gun out of the wrong hands and rendering your firearm useless if it ends up in the hands of others.  We intend it to live up to its name and to be a safe gun lock. Lastly, we created our 90 day money back guarantee so you can test SafeGunLock and make sure you agree with us. We believe you will.

Why do you say SafeGunLock is “the most secure portable gun lock in the world”?

On the portable part, SafeGunLock weighs just under two pounds, so it is easy to transport, for example, from your home nightstand to your car’s glove box.  It is designed to fit in most glove boxes or other containers in your car.

Transportable gun locks are often cable locks or trigger locks.  Having a lock is better than not having a lock.  However, cable or trigger locks are often easy to defeat through lock picking or destruction of one of the locking items.  SafeGunLock, by contrast, is solid steel and does not have a keyhole that would be a point of attack by lock pickers.  Someone who does not know the tumbler code position will have a hard time separating SafeGunLock from the firearm it is securing.  This is a secure gun lock and is not a lock that is easy to defeat.

Can I use this in all handguns?

SafeGunLock is specific to make, model and barrel lengths. The Lock Sizing tool on our website provides information about the lock that fits a specific gun.

Will SafeGunLock damage my barrel?

No.  Our engineers carefully considered this issue when designing and developing SafeGunLock.  First, pistol barrels were evaluated for surface hardness.  Tests reflect a hardness of approximately Rc45 (Rockwell C Scale).  This value is typical for this type of part, though it can vary. Higher scores reflect a harder surface.  The SafeGunLock’s pawls (the elements which secure the lock into the pistol’s chamber) are made of stainless steel and feature a hardness of Rc32-36.  The difference in hardness between the barrel and the pawls is a feature of the design. 

Another aspect of the design is the plastic cap on the tip of the locking rod.  This is the first part to enter the barrel and the last part to leave, making it likely that any potential contact with rifling is against the soft plastic cap.  Further, it should also be noted that metallic brushes, loops and rods are forced through the barrel during cleaning, a practice which has been in existence since the invention of firearms.  Lastly, the testing results make sense when thinking about the force applied by a fired bullet to a gun barrel each time a round is shot.   

What if I forget my 4-digit code?

Please know that it is important that you keep your code in a safe place where only you can find it. We cannot guarantee our code retention records, nor should you assume we will make the code available to you. Because we are committed to keeping gun owners and their families safe, we will maintain a rigorous process to make sure you are the intended user of the firearm to which SafeGunLock is attached. If you forget or lose your code or have inherited a firearm with a SafeGunLock attached, please contact us.

Can a round remain in the firing chamber while the lock is engaged?

No, the lock itself obstructs enough of the firing chamber to prevent a round from entering. Our lock does, however, allow for a fully loaded magazine to remain inserted.

Has SafeGunLock been certified by the State of California?

We are delighted to report that SafeGunLock was tested by the State of California and added to its roster of firearm safety devices that are certified for sale in the state.

The Handgun Roster Board of Maryland, another state that maintains an Approved Safety Device list, added SafeGunLock to their list.

What do I receive when my SafeGunLock arrives?

We produced a video showing what comes in the box with your SafeGunLock order.  The box includes your new SafeGunLock, a scratch off to reveal the code, a brief introduction on how to use your lock and spacers to make sure you can get a tight fit between your lock and your firearm.

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