The importance of a mobile gun lock

April 7, 2023

Nothing good happens when a gun gets into the hands of a bad guy. In addition to fearing how a stolen gun might be used to commit crimes in the future, gun theft victims also need to replace whatever they lost.

There has been a lot written about safe gun storage in the home as a deterrent to theft and unauthorized use of a gun.  However, a recent New York Times article reports that over half of all guns stolen are coming out of cars. What we know about gun storage in homes needs to be thought about more broadly to include cars and other traveling locations.

SafeGunLock is a mobile gun lock that acts as a deterrent to a gun thief in any location. Like cable locks and trigger locks, a thief can still take the locked gun. However, unlike many other gun locks, SafeGunLock is heavy duty strong and will be very difficult for the thief to remove from the firearm. Plus trying to force SafeGunLock out of its position risks doing substantial damage to the gun itself.

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Protect your firearm with a heavy duty portable lock fitted for your handgun.  Your product comes with brief instructions, a scratch off card that reveals the coded position of the unlocking tabs and eight spacers you can use if needed to obtain a perfect fit between your gun and your lock.

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