Red Flag Laws and Gun Laws

May 8, 2023

Nineteen states have adopted Red Flag Laws, also known as Extreme Risk Laws. A quick summary of these laws is they allow law enforcement to temporarily take guns from someone considered a danger to the community or to themself. The authority for law enforcement to act is a court order that is usually based on a concern expressed by family members or someone else close to the person involved.

Red Flag laws are still pretty new. However, research in Connecticut, an early adopter of the law, estimates that a suicide is avoided in one out of ten gun removal cases.

When officers temporarily remove guns from homes, they have storage and inventory responsibilities that come from holding someone else’s property. One piece of feedback our SafeGunLock team has received from officers is that this lock could be an effective substitute for taking firearms off premises. In this scenario, an officer would hold the combination and only agree to release it when the court order expired.

We are glad to help if SafeGunLock, our secure firearm locking device, can be used to reduce the risk of suicides in our country.

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