Gun safes are good, but they are not enough

April 14, 2023

Creating innovative gun locking devices is at the heart of what we do at SafeGunLock. Rutgers University researchers recently demonstrated that gun storage options are frequently not used by gun owners. Most importantly, the researchers found “58.3 percent of firearm owners store at least one firearm unlocked and hidden and 17.9 percent store at least one firearm unlocked and unhidden.”  

Another important finding from the research is those who do lock their guns prefer gun safes rather than cable or trigger locks or biometric locks. The NSSF has said its partnerships are responsible for over 40 million free Project ChildSafe cable locks being distributed, and the Veterans Administration has given out over 850,000 cable locks as part of its suicide prevention effort. With that many cable locks in circulation, it is surprising that their usage is not more evident in the data.

SafeGunLock is a new and distinctive type of gun lock. The heavy duty SafeGunLock fits into a gun barrel, is mechanically released through the movement of coded tumblers, is mobile and is quick to get off.  It is not intended to take the place of a stationary home based gun safe. However, it is intended to be the lock of choice for people who do not store all their guns in a safe and/or who travel with their gun, for example in a car.

The numbers are compelling. There are a lot of people who could add to their and their family’s security by using our innovative gun lock, SafeGunLock.  

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